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August is Poetry Month in Australia. Created in 2021 by Red Room Poetry, it is happening again this year.

The Chrysalis BREW Project is proud to be part of this year's Poetry Month calendar. As our way of paying it forward, we're holding a poetry writing contest - the BREW Poetry Award -  just for you and our worldwide community readers and audiences. Entry is open to all poets globally.

For more details or to lodge your entries, CLICK HERE.

by Ritch Santos

 Poetry Month Entry / 57 views


 Poetry Month Entry / 43 views

by crimson.sui

It’s Christmas! And they say a “jolly old man” will appear. Ho,Ho,ho?

 Poetry Month Entry / 42 views


 Poetry Month Entry / 54 views


 Poetry Month Entry / 62 views

by Lean Dorothy Grijalvo

  • Poetry Author's Name: Walt Whitman

 Poetry Month Entry / 54 views / Sold

by Aymen Second

Once distraught Maybe forgotten Yet ethereal Not rotten Thoughts Feelings Could be surreal From an earthling Something, anything, or nothing?

 Poetry Month Entry / 56 views / Sold

by ryu ryu

  • Poetry Author's Name: Someone
  • URL of Poetry Author's Social Media Link: http://Somewhere

 Poetry Month Entry / 49 views / Sold

by fifi

 Poetry Month Entry / 61 views

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