Aug 7, 2022

You Choose Me

 Poetry Month Entry / by CRIMSON MERIEL / 143 views

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  • Poem: You Choose Me

    You look like a painting
    You are like a song
    You are like a poem my dear
    You're such a beautiful artwork in my eyes

    You are a beautiful angel
    That God sent to me
    You have the talent
    That no one can match

    With every curve of our lips
    With our smiles coming out
    The sky and the stars are the witness In our love
    Until the night gets deep

    But you're still not by my side
    I'm trying to find you
    I keep glancing at you
    The sun is slowly rising

    One by one the light goes out
    The stars are slowly fading
    But until now I still haven't seen you
    Until I found you

    You are sitting happily
    You can't contain your joy
    As I slowly get closer to you
    In the middle of my step

    I was stopped
    Because of what I saw
    Dear what does this mean?
    I tried to come closer

    I tried not to cry
    I forced my mouth open
    Until the words "honey, is he still?"
    you still chose me

    And to this day you still choose me
    You chose to hurt me
    You chose to keep him
    You chose to leave me

    You chose to return to him
    You chose me to cry
    You chose him to be happy
    You chose to crush me

    You chose to build him
    You chose to forget me
    You chose to remember him
    But dear if left,

    He will hurt and make you cry again
    Can you be the only one to fight?
    Can you forget alone?
    Because even if you come back

    Because I still love you
    I will forget you
    And I will never be stupid again.
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