ByRinku Senior

Jan 11, 2023


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Bible says you shall decree a thing and it shall be established. Choose life over dead things. In the presence of God you will lack no good things.

God has given you authority and whatever you will speak they shall happen. Be careful of your words as they have power to manifest things in the physical world. Now is the time to create a Godly life and become who you are actually in Christ Jesus.

Have a vision for your future. Write down what you want and read it everyday. So that you will never miss what God has for you in store. Submit your dreams and desires in God’s hands, knowing that he will never let you down or put you to shame. Hold fast to your faith in Christ Jesus.

God is true and very faithful to finish what he has started.

This book is written from my own experience and relationship with Christ Jesus. I hope it will help you to walk along with God to live the life to eternity.

Thank you. God bless!

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