Mar 6, 2023

The voice part I and part II

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  • Poem: The voice part I

    It drones. It screams.
    It is bursting at the seams.

    It pulls and pushes and throws.
    It keeps me on my toes.

    Should I? Should I not?
    Suddenly everything is hot.
    And a fire is burning in my veins
    that cannot be extinguished

    Without drowning myself.

    But I power through.
    For I must stay true.

    But this voice.

    It never gives me a choice.

    I must fear and scream and cry.
    And hold onto its every lie.

    When do I get a break?
    When do I quit having to fake?

    Sleep is the only escape.

    But I still can't fight.

    It's frustrating
    and somehow liberating.

    It is shameful yet invigorating.

    It is part of me.
    It is reality.


    The Voice Part II

    This force cannot seem
    to run its course.

    It gets stronger with every breath.
    Seeming to always
    evade death.

    It shape shifts
    It throws fits.

    It pounds the wall
    and breaks the glass.
    It refuses the questions
    I never ask.

    It is possessive
    and cruel.
    It makes me its fool.

    I never can shake it
    the grasp is too strong -
    And I would feel
    lonely, without it too long.
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