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Jul 6, 2023

The Phoenix’s Fire

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  • Poetry Author's Name: Sneha Sabu
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  • Poem: In deep pain did I embrace the bloodshed

    Like an albatross did it haunt me day and night

    A five-day mystery lasted forty-five days,

    Tears did I shed in the quiet corners of restrooms,

    In hope of a healing touch.

    The lining I shed was beyond normal,

    The stigma, the discrimination beyond I could bare.

    My sorrows turned to hunger,

    I ate and ate and grew from size to size;

    So did the three cysts in my ovaries.

    With a sore lower back and abdomen

    My oestrogen and progesterone dropped

    Paving way for testosterone and androgen.

    Feared did I the growing mouche and beard,

    Anxiety and depression crawled in

    Like an uninvited snake in a baby’s cradle.

    In fear, my tongue silenced my inner storm

    Tagged for obesity did the world around

    My heart sank day and night

    And soaked the bed with tears of sorrow.

    The chores felt coerce

    Small things seemed big.

    The white clouds darkened

    The second and hour needles stopped.

    Days, weeks and months passed in hopelessness

    My benighted soul paid no heed to understand

    The plight of my heart and earthly body

    The heart, body and soul splintered

    In search of nature and healing my heart pounded

    In despair, a new treatment did I begin

    Of herbs and wholesome living

    With a healing plea to the universe

    In eclectic self-love and ray of hope.

    The heart danced to a newfound redemption

    The abnormal 45 days sprouted to a new five-day normal.

    The bleeding stopped; the cysts stunted its growth

    The scan showed they disappeared

    Redemption knocked my mental and physical walls

    The forgotten smile and the liberated mind leaped back

    To sprout and sway with the new bed of dahlias

    In a desert oasis dried up in the scorching heat.

    A new pearl glow shimmered my face

    From ashes I rose

    To voice and express the silenced corners of my heart

    Armoured in courage, the wailing heart revived.

    Like a Phoenix flying from fire

    The fire from within lit the new life

    Free from the albatross that hung around

    To be the connoisseur of the Phoenix’s revival.
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