Mar 6, 2023

Stripping Like Nobody's Business

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Bambi was guilty of keeping a secret that kept her father from killing her mother. She learned to be resourceful growing up without running water, electricity, television, phones, and a proper education. Bambi’s mother was different. She taught Bambi how to be a victim and martyr. After becoming fearful of making people angry she became a people-pleaser, although this is not the reason she stripped. Usually, everything went wrong, but if something went right, she thanked God, sometimes in her prayers, probably not in this book.
Act one starts in the 1960’s with an honest coming of age story including Jell-O, rape and murder. Childhood adventures resemble Huck Finn’s if Mark Twain had been dirtier. The guilt starts here even before she strips.
Act two is in three parts. Nothing is made up, except the dancers. A Methodist volunteer picks out her first strip outfit even though Bambi can’t walk without crutches. Dressing room drama spares no dirty details from table to towel dances. Then parts two and three are pure entertainment anecdotes straight from strip clubs.
Act three rollicks through four failed marriages after she fails to find conditional love in strip clubs. She finds happiness during the Velvet Revolution in Prague, Las Vegas and Alaska. The final finish is when the towers crashed in 2001.

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