ByVucak Stefan

Jul 28, 2022

Strike for Honor

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In a joint exercise with the Korean navy, Admiral Pacino’s son is one of the casualties from a North Korean missile strike. Enraged that the President is more interested in appeasing the North Koreans, forgetting the lost American lives, Pacino decides to make a statement by bombing military facilities in both Koreas. Appointed as the CIA Director, Mark Price is plunged into a plot by dissidents to overthrow the North Korean Supreme Leader, bringing the country closer to the West. Pacino’s strikes does not make his new job, or the President’s, any easier. Wishing to avoid embarrassing the Administration, someone decides to remove Pacino – permanently. The attempt fails and Pacino is facing court-martial for his action. Under the glare of publicity, the trial quickly turns into an examination of American foreign policy and national values.

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