ByJuliana Abrantes

Aug 6, 2022

Rubics of Life

 Poetry Month Entry / by Juliana Abrantes / 160 views

poem of life

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  • Poem: As the cube rotates, the cycle continue.
    The pattern of life, but still nobody knew.
    Different colors need to be pair.
    Just like people we met different and rare.

    You can't imagine what life is unless you try.
    Be patient to explore the way and let the time fly.
    When you have been stuck, learn to need help.
    Don't let you problems all by yourself.

    When you finally get the pattern right.
    Don't expect that the failures be light
    In building a cube, you need patience and knowledge.
    Just like in life there's happiness and sadness until you come to the edge.
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