Aug 6, 2022

My Love

 Poetry Month Entry / by CRIMSON MERIEL / 195 views

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  • Poem: My Love

    I'm just going to go through this poem
    All the feelings I have in my heart
    Hoping there's just no wilderness
    And for both of us nothing will change

    The coolness of your looks
    My feelings you've been captured
    You gave color in my life
    My love for you will be unshakeable

    But all of a sudden you said something
    First love is who you've been missing
    I can't imagine my heart suddenly hurting
    Oh, she's the one that you're dreaming

    Doing everything for you to notice me
    And hoping you to love me
    Playing kendo is one of your liking
    Liking me back is my only thing

    Why on the day I will admit
    Your attention to the case has turned
    Do you feel something for me?
    Or it's just me and dreaming awake?
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