Mar 1, 2023

Holy Parrot

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The compelling story of phenomenal events occurring in the Caribbean fishing village of Buritaca.
Leo Lumière, a science student from Australia, was tasked with discovering something special in the remote Colombian Department of Magdalena. Maria swore a parrot told her that she would be the mother of a saviour. Was Maria the virgin mother she professed to be, or was Pablo the father? Miraculous events unfolded that challenged Leo’s scientific reasoning. Torn between revealing a crime and protecting Maria from efforts to eliminate the claimed divine child, his task took an unexpected turn. Tens of thousands converged into the region hoping to witness Maria with her paranormal parrot, all chanting one phrase, ‘Loro Santo’: Holy Parrot.

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  • Author's Name: Angel A
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  • Genre: Literary Fiction/Mystery
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    2022 Readers Favorite 5-Star Award
    2022 Literary Titan 5-Star Award

    "This book gets an easy 5 out of 5 stars from me. It was extremely hard to put down, and the characters became as familiar as old friends." 
~Literary Titan

    "Angel A’s HOLY PARROT is a well-written, compelling novel with an engaging story line and characters with depth, interesting motivations, and lots of personality."
    ~Florence Osmund for IndieReader

    "Holy Parrot ideally will assume an active role in any book club or reader group interested in the intersection between science and faith, the resulting drive for a better life, and the miracles that can power such convictions."
~D. Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

    “Author Angel A knows how to keep readers in the palm of his hand, delivering a superb range of dramatic highs and lows that come from some really surprising and eye-opening clashes of opinion and belief.”
    ~K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

    “It´s not often I´m surprised by a novel. And I read A LOT! But, in the case of Holy Parrot, I thought, “Yes, that´s a remarkably original plot.”
    ~The Wishing Shelf

    “Holy Parrot is an unpredictable read that celebrates the human spirit over conventional skepticism. We recommend it for readers wanting something distinctively crafted by a gifted author.”

    “In smooth and polished prose, Angel A compellingly examines the myriad and sometimes opposing ways in which humans deal with the challenges of life and faith, questioning our over reliance on science and scientific methods and our doubt and distrust about more traditional streams of knowledge, especially those of non-European origin.”
    ~Publishers Weekly Booklife
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