Aug 11, 2022

Ho, ho, ho?

 Poetry Month Entry / by crimson.sui / 136 views

It’s Christmas! And they say a “jolly old man” will appear. Ho,Ho,ho?

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  • Poem: Ho, ho, ho.
    Here we go.
    It’s the jolly season, that we know.
    It’s Christmas!

    Did you hear, did you hear?
    They say a jolly old man will appear.
    "Tonight!" That is what they say,
    The old man will make his merry way.

    They say, he brings gifts!
    The good kids will surely be in bliss.
    The bad kids, you say.
    They will only be sleeping, until day.

    Does such an old man really exist?
    Or perhaps— does he just live in the myths?
    The things I tell, I only heard.
    Is that so, ho, ho, ho?
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