Aug 7, 2022

‘Glance’ at First Sight

 Poetry Month Entry / by crimson.sui / 173 views

What makes ‘glancing’ deceiving?

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  • Poem: Anybody can experience a ‘glance’ at first sight,
    You can even experience it now in its glory and might.
    A single glance can make your gears keep on turning.
    It can lead to an understanding— but more to a misunderstanding?

    A ‘glance’ at first sight can be deceiving,
    That’s why, more than a ‘glance’ is what you'd be needing.
    Lesson? Look-ing is better than glance-ing.
    That way, the message would be something more worth receiving.

    A glance can make you feel different kinds of emotions.
    What can it make you feel?
    Well, it depends on your position.
    There’s shock, fear— and even a thrill.

    Be careful, it is a must.
    The “glance at first sight”— you shouldn’t trust.
    It can be deceiving, I tell you.
    What part can be deceiving, must I tell you?
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