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May 10, 2022

Submit Your Listings - It's FREE

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You can now create a listing for your profile, book, blog, event, offer, product, business, website, press release, article, appeal, or anything that would be of great benefit to and you’d like to share with our worldwide community of writers and readers.


Well, we have had several pieces of great news lately:

Thank you for being part of the above achievements.

As our way of celebrating the great news, we have a number of offers for all of you – our dear authors, content creators, bloggers, readers, audiences, business owners, and colleagues all over the world.

This new BREW feature is one of our gratitude gifts for you!

Here are what you can expect from this new BREW feature:

  1. Free to create – You can create your own listing for free. You only need to make sure your listings are legal and do not violate any terms and conditions, so everybody could benefit.
  2. Free to view – BREW others’ listings free of charge, too. There are no sign-up fees to get hold of information about offers, deals, and other pieces of information that are meant to benefit you.
  3. Feature-packed – You can add your website, contact details, descriptions, bio, addresses, images, and even video links to your listings. Yes. You could include all of these in your listings free of charge.
  4. Flexible – You can create, access, edit, or manage your listings anytime, anywhere.
  5. Accessible – You can search for and view the listings whenever or wherever you are.
  6. Option to upgrade – If you’d like your listings featured, you can also do so at a tiny fraction of the usual costs.

To know more, here’s the link:

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