ByRinku Senior

Jan 11, 2023


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Bible says a good man’s steps are ordered by God. You are not by yourself, God is the strength in your weakness. But you have to trust God before you see your dreams to be fulfilled.

You can’t move God by emotion, you need to have faith in him.

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will fulfill your heart’s greatest desires. Rejoice in the Lord, entrust everything in his mighty hands and relax. Instead of worry and complaining request your prayers by thanksgiving and worshipping.

God knows about you in details. He cares for you and he doesn’t want you settle in little. During the journey you will face failures, yet don’t quit your hope in God. He will keep his promises. His words will never return void.

Trust God’s plans and ways. Be courageous to take action when God calls you.

This book is written from my own experience and relationship with Christ Jesus. I hope it will help you to walk along with God to live the life to eternity.

Thank you. God bless!