ByRitch Santos

Aug 12, 2022

Demon Angel

 Poetry Month Entry / by Ritch Santos / 203 views

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  • Poem: A beautiful angel in disguise
    A demon bare with no surprise
    Whom do you despise?
    Someone who's worth your cries?

    You brought me up so high
    An angel whom I could rely
    Happiness screaming on my eyes
    But did not last for a second, why?

    It's so dark, I can see nothing
    Why is my back hurting?
    Oh, you blinded me with your lies,
    To watch me fall and never rise

    My mind tattoed your final words
    "You'll never be first, second nor third,
    Nothing is what you deserve
    A girl like you, should never be preserved"

    But then, a demon came
    Caught my heart to tame
    Fixing the glass that you shamed
    For my happiness is what he only aims

    The heart bloomed to ripen
    Shower with care to soften
    Made sure it was not forgotten,
    So it will never be rotten

    Someday your person will appear
    With a hug your fears will disappear
    Love makes no sense, but it is clear
    Happiness is certain, just be sincere
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