ByVucak Stefan

Jul 28, 2022

All the Evils

 Bestselling Books / by Vucak Stefan / 174 views

Working as a researcher in the Vatican’s Secret Archives, Father Garbaldi stumbles across a first century papyrus that claims Jesus was John the Baptist’s disciple and the second Messiah who would drive out the Romans from Palestine and rule over the twelve tribes of Israel. If revealed, the papyrus could seriously undermine the Church’s position and cause widespread unrest. As a priest, Garbaldi is shocked by the revelation, but before reporting his find, he decides to validate the papyrus. He goes to see an old seminary friend in Boston to have the tractate independently dated. The Vatican secret service, The Entity, is made aware of the papyrus and sends an assassin to eliminate Garbaldi and his friend to prevent disclosure. Garbaldi survives the initial attempt on his life and seeks protection from the authorities. It is up to the FBI now to track down the assassin and grapple with the faceless men behind The Entity.

A chilling thriller that will make you question your beliefs.

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