ByRinku Senior

Jan 13, 2023


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Bible says God doesn’t move by emotion, he moves by our faith. If we are not strong enough to handle the blessings he will never give us suddenly what we want. God will let us go through a process of learning and then he will test our faith and heart.

It takes a very long times and I know waiting upon God is very hard.

But those who wait upon God they shall renew their strength and they shall reap a great harvest. Never lose your hope in God. Obedient matters when God puts you in a season testing. Without facing test you can’t receive God’s greater blessings.

Don’t be afraid, don’t despise the wisdom and discipline of God. He does everything only for your good. So that you will be able to fulfill your God given purpose while you are in this world.

His burden is very light. Keep following to God and you shall experience his miracles and wonders in your daily life.

This book is written from my own experience and relationship with Christ Jesus. I hope it help you to walk along with God and you will be encouraged to pursue the works of God’s kingdom in your coming days.

Thank you. God bless!

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