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“Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty.”

– Franz Kafka

Youth is untainted by the harshness and selfishness of the adult world, enabling them to see the true beauty of things. It is full of dreams and aspirations. Young ones believe that all their dreams are achievable. Nothing is impossible for them.

Once upon a time, the youth was far more innocent than today. We cannot even fathom the things they understand and realize at a young age. We have the internet and technology to thank for that. Today’s children and teenagers are well aware of issues like terrorism, wars, famine, global warming, and environmental pollution, among others. Some even step out of their comfort zones and do something completely wonderful yet unexpected. Take Malawi’s William Kamkwamba for example. At only thirteen, he built a wind turbine to help his family with powering up their electrical appliances.  We have all heard about Greta Thunberg. When she was fifteen, she started campaigning for action to bring about climate change. At seventeen, Malala Yousafzai became the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner for her bid to promote education for girls.

It is evident that today’s youth is fearless. They do not think twice to undertake a daunting task. Still, this all comes with a prize. With an increased dependence on online life, kids are missing out on the joys of the offline world. They are increasingly becoming victims of isolation, thus leading to depression. On the other side of the spectrum, we also have children who are still experiencing deplorable conditions. There is a lack of education and a shortage of food in many developing and underdeveloped countries. Child labor is still prevalent in some parts of the world. Crime and violence also plague our youth today.

The youth are the future of our world. We should do everything in our power to protect them and leave them with a bountiful earth. Since 2000, The United Nations has declared August 12 International Youth Day. Every year, on this day, governments and other organizations bring the various issues concerning youth to the forefront.

This year, as we celebrate International Youth Day on August 12, let us take a bit of time and go down memory lane to relive our own youthful days. Let us reminisce about the joys as well as the issues of our youth so that we get in touch with the young ones of today. The best way to do that is through books.

Here is a list of books to read this International Youth Day.

Book: Noah’s Quest

Author: Sev Emmanual Pretila

Noah’s Quest was penned by Sev Emmanual Pretila when he was only eleven himself. This fantasy adventure story follows eleven-year-old Noah as he is sent on a journey to thwart the Dwarf King and Queen’s plan of stealing away the magic in the land. Along the way, Noah has to overcome many challenges. Though, he does make some true bonds as well. The parental bonds and the ties of friendship depicted in this book are heart-warming. Moreover, the colorful illustrations add to the charm of the book. Noah’s Quest underscores the importance of being a good human being. This book is highly recommended to children and adults alike, after all, it is not only interesting but also is packed with some powerful lessons.

Book: Roosevelt Banks and the Attic of Doom  

Author: Laurie Calkhoven

Penned by Laurie Calkhoven and illustrated by Debbie Palen, Roosevelt Banks and the Attic of Doom revolves around middle schooler Roosevelt. With the imminent arrival of a new sibling, Roosevelt’s parents have decided to renovate the attic as his new room. Roosevelt is less than pleased with the prospect as he believes the attic to be haunted. He, along with his friends, Josh, Tommy, and Eddie Spaghetti, do their best to rid the attic of ghosts. Along the way, we get ourselves a fun and colorful book that takes us back to the innocent days of our childhood. Roosevelt and his friends’ adventures remind us of the simpler times of our youth.

Book: Stay Safe with Ruby and Reuben  

Author: Sneha Sabu 

Sneha Sabu’s Stay Safe with Ruby and Reuben is a must-read for children and their guardians. The bright book presents us with various ways to keep our children safe. Children can be too innocent at times. They might not be able to identify potential threats or dangerous situations. Ruby and Reuben, two siblings, teach the little ones how to be safe while in school or while visiting one’s friends. The concept of good touch and bad touch is discussed. Also, the idea of secret codes and the importance of having an open relationship with one’s parents and guardians is discussed.

Book: Bunky and the Walms: The Christmas Story

Author: Aleksandra Tryniecka

Bunky and the Walms: The Christmas Story is a multi-award-winning novel written by Aleksandra Tryniecka. It captures the magic of Christmas by teleporting us to the fantastical world of Walmland. It follows Bunky Hippo, a quirky aspiring author, who has tried his best to earn a spot on Santa’s nice list so that he can have a pair of skating shoes. However, things do not go as planned. A mix-up sends Bunky Hippo, his cousin, Rodney, and their new furry friend, Plum, on a quest to save Christmas. Tryniecka perfectly depicts the trials and tribulations of childhood in this book. Bunky Hippo’s wish to never grow up reminds us of our own childhood. The story and its brilliant illustrations beautifully portray the innocence of childhood and the power of belief.

Book: Melody Finch  

Author: Ian Boyd and Gary Luck

Melody Finch is a sustainable children’s novel penned by Ian Boyd and Gary Finch. It follows little Melody Klomp as she is suddenly transformed into a diamond firetail finch. Melody does her best to stop her grandma from selling her yacht, The Isabella. As a bird, she comes in close contact with Australia’s wildlife on her way to reach her grandma on time. Along the way, she makes many friends and understands the plight of Mother Nature. Melody Finch is a great book to educate both children and adults about wildlife and the way it is being adversely affected by human activities. Moreover, the story is bound to keep you hooked to the end.


Today’s youth is vibrant. They have a lot of potential. However, whether you believe it or not, they have a lot of issues to deal with, perhaps more than we did in our youth. We should do our best to be there with them and understand what makes them tick.

The books in this list all show a different angle of childhood. They give you a glimpse into the life of the youth of today. Moreover, they are super engrossing. Hope you enjoy them.

Do comment and let me know which of these books intrigue you the most.

By Kajori Sheryl Paul

Reading is my passion, and writing is my compulsion. I started reading from a very early age. Since then, I have not stopped. I have garnered this addiction from my father. I have always loved reading his books. As you can see, books are my world. I escape this world to traverse the world of my books. Naturally, I have an affinity to create worlds of my own. There are thoughts constantly swirling in my head. These are the thoughts that I jot down. Sometimes, they become poems while sometimes stories. More often than not, they are just reviews of the plethora of books I read and the things I do.

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  1. I read “Noah’s Quest,” and it’s brilliant. And the importance of book such as “Stay Safe with Ruby and Reuben” can´t be overestimated.