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For a daughter, her daddy is her king, and for a son, his dad is his hero. Nobody can surpass a father in his children’s existence. It is our fathers who shape our lives and inculcate values in us. I believe the least we can do is to make sure that our love and respect for him are evident in each and every action of ours. It is true that one specific day in a year cannot be enough to honor our fathers. However, in the daily bustle of life, the need to dedicate one day to make our dads feel special has become undeniable. We can keep aside all other obligations and just spend a day filled with joy and love with our favorite person in the world, our father. Hence, we see that Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world. However, the date varies from country to country. In Australia, where The Chrysalis BREW Project is headquartered, it is observed in the month of September. In the US, the UK, and the Indian subcontinent, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in the month of June. This year, we are all set to spend a lovely day with our sire on the 19th of June 2022. So, if you are still thinking about what to gift your daddy, then fear not. I have an amazing list of books that you can present him with. If you and your father are bibliophiles like me and my dad, then I am sure that you would love reading these books with him.

Vintage Vinyls

Book: 1,000 Record Covers
Author: Michael Ochs

The latest edition of Michael Ochs 1,000 Record Covers was published in 2005. This book is bound to be a treat for any music lover. It is a photo collection of 1000 record sleeves. The author groups them according to the decades they were released in. The photographs of vinyl records take us on a nostalgic trip. From the 60s to the 90s, the vinyl covers depict the ever-evolving art, fashion, culture, life, and rebellion of the times. My dad is a music aficionado. He himself owns an impressive collection of vinyl records. So, I am sure this book would delight him. If your dad is a music lover, he would love this collection of vintage vinyl covers

The Best Duo in the World

Book: Why a Daughter Needs a Dad
Author: Gregory Lang

The bond between a father and his daughter is a special one. I myself am a daddy’s princess to this day. Gregory Lang’s Why a Daughter Needs a Dad is a picturesque book that celebrates the beautiful father-daughter bond. Published in 2019, Lang depicts all the ways in which a father always manages to be there for his little girl. Under the guise of myriad papa and daughter animals, the author portrays the everlasting love between a daughter and her father. The rhyming writing style adds charm to the book.

Back to the World of Godfather

Book: City on Fire
Author: Don Winslow

Published in April 2022, Don Winslow’s City of Fire somehow reminds us of Mario Puzo’s famous mob classic The Godfather. In this gripping novel, Danny finds himself in a crossfire when all hell breaks loose between the Irish and Italian mafia families. Wanting nothing more to get out of the mob life, Danny unexpectedly finds himself at the helm when mountains of dead bodies pile up. The fact that sets this book apart is that it draws inspiration from Homer’s The Iliad. This book is a must-read for all Godfather fans. I even envision it to be made into a movie. If you want to relive the gritty eighties with your dad, this is the book for you.

A Father’s Quest

Book: The Father’s Love: Amid a Frantic Search for His Son, A Father Finds His Faith
Author: Dave Moore

When a father loses his son, he loses his mind. He does everything to have him back. The Father’s Love: Amid a Frantic Search for His Son, A Father Finds His Faith is a true story penned by Dave Moore in 2011. Though the title is long, the mark that the book leaves on the reader’s heart is long-lasting. When Moore’s son, David, leaves home, he turns the world upside down to find him. On the way, he feels the love of the Eternal Father. Moore’s search for his son brings him closer to Father God. His quest changes the life of his family forever. This is a great read for fathers who are ardent Christians; even if one is not so, he is bound to relate to Dave’s love for his son.

Beyond Life

Book: Lincoln in the Bardo
Author: George Saunders

Who doesn’t know about Abraham Lincoln, the US President who played a crucial role in the abolition of slavery? Lincoln had always been an intriguing character somewhat shrouded in mystery. He was not only an enigmatic renowned public figure, but he was also a loving father. The death of his son, Willie, shattered him. George Saunders takes inspiration from this real-life event and weaves a tale like no other. In Saunders’ experimental novel, Lincoln in the Bardo, young Willie is stuck in a limbo between life and death. He awaits his father to free him from his predicament. Lincoln’s grief is palpable, however, he has an entire nation to lead. This book explores the love and grief of a father who is the wielder of immense power and the bearer of ginormous responsibilities. Saunders takes the narrative beyond life and death. He intersperses quotes from journalists with dialogues of the souls trapped in the limbo. This book is not for the faint-hearted. If you and your father like history and would not mind giving an innovative writing style a try, then this book is for you.

A Special Bond

Book: Made for Me
Author: Zack Bush

Undoubtedly, a child changes a father’s life. He has to make massive adjustments in his life when a child is born. However, the birth of one’s own flesh is something special. My dad has never been shy to express how special I and my brother are to him, and this book resonates what he does and is to me and my sibling. Zack Bush explores the amazing bond between a father and his children in his children’s piece, Made for Me. He masterfully portrays the awe that a dad feels when he sees his child uttering a first word and the astonishment he experiences when he guides his child to take the first step. Bush chronicles the early experiences between a father and his child that tie them in an everlasting bond of love. This book is perfect for a new father. In fact, a grown child and their father can read this book and fondly reminisce about the bygone days.


Both I and my brother inherited our love for reading from our father. As a child, the smell of books that wafted from his library was nothing short of a siren’s call for us. The delight we get in recommending each other books is something that is indescribable. The lively debates that spring up while discussing the stories are a joy experienced by a fortunate few. Like us, if you are keen to spend a bookish Father’s Day, then do have a look at all the listed books and let us know your thoughts. There is one from each genre to quench our myriad bookish tastes. So, let’s all gear up for a cozy day with dad, a book, and of course, ourselves.

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By Kajori Sheryl Paul

Reading is my passion, and writing is my compulsion. I started reading from a very early age. Since then, I have not stopped. I have garnered this addiction from my father. I have always loved reading his books. As you can see, books are my world. I escape this world to traverse the world of my books. Naturally, I have an affinity to create worlds of my own. There are thoughts constantly swirling in my head. These are the thoughts that I jot down. Sometimes, they become poems while sometimes stories. More often than not, they are just reviews of the plethora of books I read and the things I do.

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  1. I love how unabashedly you admit to being a daddy’s girl. I, unfortunately, lost my dad a long time ago. But he would’ve liked “City on Fire” since he was a big fan of “The Godfather.” Congratulations to all the amazing dads!

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