It’s the 2nd week of April! Here are important details that you need to know.

1st Quarter Blog Awards

We have received numerous noteworthy submissions.

There are no winning blogs for the 1st Quarter CY 2022 blog awards.

The good news: All nominations received for the 1st Quarter will be carried over for the 2nd Quarter. These great blogs will be included for further screening provided all basic requirements are met on or before the quarter’s deadline on 30 June 2022.

Specifically and among other requirements, all nominations for the 2nd Quarter CY 2022 must be confirmed by the respective blog owners or authorized representatives for the blogs to progress to the next screening stage of the quarter’s awards.

More details about the requirements are on the following link:

Winning Nominators

With the BREW International Blog Awards, we are giving chances to win not only to blogs and their creators but also to those who nominate them.

As there are no winning blogs for the 1st Quarter CY 2022, the 20 AUD nominator’s cash prize for the quarter will be carried over to the next quarter. Thus, the nominator for the Blog of the 1st Quarter CY 2022 winner will receive 40 AUD instead of the initially-announced 20 AUD per quarter.

Here are the Twitter handles of the two (2) randomly picked winning nominators for the 1st Quarter who will receive 10 AUD each via GCash or Paypal:


We shall contact you via your Twitter account by the Giveaway Host this or next week for more details.

2nd Quarter CY 2022 blog awards

Nominate your fave blog and win

Do you want to be one (1) of our three (3) winning nominators for the 2nd Quarter of CY 2022?

If you’re interested, then visit

Nominate or confirm your own blog’s nomination

Was your blog nominated for an award? Do you have a great blog and believe it deserves an award?

If yes, then you can do so via

Nominations that have not been confirmed within a certain quarter’s timelines may be considered for the next quarter provided all requirements for that next quarter’s awards are still met.

Don’t do anything else unless you do this

It’s always best to know and understand the terms and conditions. We assume that you’ve read the important stuff about the awards beforehand. However, if you have not yet done so yet, we strongly recommend you do. If you’re going to nominate a blog, we even require you to fully read, understand, and agree with the fine lines and other requirements.

For more details about the BREW International Blog Awards, visit

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