Review Exchange Program

If you’re willing to write a review for another author’s book, then this option is for you.

How it works

When you claim your BREW Author’s Profile, we will ask you if you’d like to sign up for this option.

To enhance the fairness and impartiality of reviews, we have the following among other measures:

  • You must provide a free copy of your book for review purposes upon our request. We will email you if anyone is interested to do a review of your book and a free copy of it is required.
  • For every book from our list that you review, you’d be entitled to receive 1 review for your book.
  • We will include your book in the Review Exchange Program’s list of books around 1 to 5 business days after you have provided us the details of at least 1 review that you’ve done for a book on the same list using the appropriate form on Step 2 below.
    • The review should be for a book that you’ve never read before you’ve joined the program.
    • You are not expected to give perfect ratings for a book if it does not deserve it, as such will be a disservice to both you and the readers alike who are supposed to benefit from the reviews.
    • You are expected to provide a realistic numerical rating as well as fair and constructive feedback for the book.
    • You cannot choose a book by an author who has done a review for your book in the past or with whom you have made arrangements for a future review for your book.
    • Similarly, an author whose book is or will be enrolled in this program cannot choose your book to review if you wrote or will write a review for the said author’s book.
    • No quid pro quo.
  • Your book must have the following minimum ratings to qualify for this program:
    • “4 out of 5 stars” average on a reputable website and
    • at least 1 review with “5 out of 5 stars” on the same site.
  • You can use this service only once, to ensure that there are no overlaps and that you don’t review a book of an author who reviewed your book or vice versa. Again, no quid pro quo.
  • If your book has already received a review either from this program or from us, we will then take off your book from Step 1’s list so we could also provide a similar benefit to other authors and their books.
  • The current waiting time for a review is 6 months, but this timeline may fluctuate depending on the influx of review requests vis-a-vis review completion rates. If your book has not had a single book review from this program in 2 years, we will explore other options to help you and will let you know accordingly.

Important note: We are constantly reviewing this program to remain attuned to stakeholder requirements. Subscribe to our newsletter, so you’d be the first to know what’s new.

Step 1: Choose a book from our list and let us know if you need a free copy.

We encourage you to buy a copy of a fellow author’s book as a form of genuine support. We are in the business of lifting each other up anyway. Right? However, if you are unable to buy your own copy, let us know so we can find ways to secure a free copy for your review.

To get the list of available books for the Review Exchange Program, complete the following form. You will then receive an email with further information.

Step 2: Submit your completed review and your own book’s details.

Use 1 of the forms below that is suitable for your submission. Once we processed and approved your submission, we will then include your book in Step 1’s list.

Form Option 1: If your book already has an existing profile on our website

Form Option 2: If your book does not have an existing profile on our website yet

Step 3: Optional step – Claim your author’s profile if you have not yet done so previously.

Click here to claim your free Author’s Profile + interview post

Click here to claim your free Author’s Profile + interview + book post

Your other options

Meanwhile, allow us to help you in other ways. Here are some of them.