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by michaelrwillacy

Cole Rowe lives a simple life in the city, until one day a ring given to him by a stranger transports him to Sajerskeep! Cole...

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by Maggieball

Poignant poetry memoir of poet’s great grandmother and her escape from the pogroms of Eastern Europe to a difficult life in New York City Though...

  • Awards, reviews, press releases, and other relevant information: ‘A fourteen-year-old girl is launched by pogroms and poverty into the New World, fearful and alone. How can she know that her great-granddaughter would weave her story, through imagination and a careful reading of history, into a poetic gift to her memory, and for many more generations to come?’
    – Ramona Koval

    ‘In Bobish Magdalena Ball picks up the thread that connects us to our ancestors weaving it into the fabric of family memory and public history, creating an intensely vivid and evocative work. A narrative montage of exquisite poems, where choices are funnelled by pogroms, racism, pain, poverty, hope, and nourished by music and family. It was a deeply moving experience to read this book.’ – Beth Spencer
    ‘Magdalena’s stirring poems are unsettlingly familiar and eerily transcendent. The persistence, the endurance, the quiet resignation, somehow amounts to the telling of a small woman who is nothing less than mighty.’ – Gillian Swain

    ‘The importance of remembering is a cornerstone of the Jewish faith and in this account of the author’s Jewish great-grandmother as she navigates her life of exile, each scene is both clear eyed and evocative, poetic and down to earth, empathetic and far reaching. A marvellous, nourishing book of resilience.’ – Judy Johnson

    About the author
    Magdalena Ball was born in New York City, and has lived in Australia for over three decades. She is a novelist, poet, reviewer, interviewer, VP of Flying Island Poetry Community, and Managing Editor of Compulsive Reader. Her stories, editorials, poetry, reviews and articles have appeared in a wide number of printed anthologies and journals, and have won local and international awards. She is the author of several novels and poetry books, and runs a podcast of writer interviews called Compulsive Reader Talks. Find out more at her website:
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  • Genre: Poetry, Memoir, Biography

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by Rinku Senior

SALVATION Bible says you shall seek the truth and he shall set you free. Who is the truth? Bible says Jesus is the truth and...

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by Rinku Senior

TEST OF FAITH Bible says God doesn't move by emotion, he moves by our faith. If we are not strong enough to handle the blessings...

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by Rinku Senior

THE PROCESS Waiting is a very essential part of Christianity. You must come out of the misunderstanding that God will give you all kinds of...

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by Rinku Senior

BREAKTHROUGH Bible says you didn't choose God, he chose you from your mother's womb. He has called you to come to him. God is the...

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by Rinku Senior

RIGHTEOUSNESS Bible says righteous shall live by faith. God has commanded us to do only good things that lead to life to eternity. In doing...

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by Rinku Senior

FAITH IN GOD Bible says a good man's steps are ordered by God. You are not by yourself, God is the strength in your weakness....

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by Rinku Senior

LIFE OVER DEATH Bible says you shall decree a thing and it shall be established. Choose life over dead things. In the presence of God...

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by Rinku Senior

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE Bible says God's love endures forever. He is the true and perfect love. Those who don't love they don't know God. Here love...

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