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At The Chrysalis BREW Project, we are all about what our name suggests – Books, Reviews, and Everything Written (BREW) that are all for you.

Here are our latest posts.

A Book Review by Kajori: “North Border” by Benjamin Percy

Written by Benjamin Percy and illustrated by Francesco Francavilla, North Border is a gripping novella that transports you to the northern border town of Witch River Falls, haunted by an unknown creature.  Review Who am I? What is my true identity? Do I have to conform to the plethora of expectations around me? Why can’t […]

A Book Review by Fermosalua: “The Unexpected” by Iona Rossely

A common saying goes, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him about your plans.” But what if He was not laughing, but we’re the ones who don’t know the plan? Let Iona Rossely guide you with love, humor, and honesty through the path to reconcile faith and uncertainty. Review The last few years […]

A Book Review by Kajori: “Dogs of the Deadlands” by Anthony McGowan

Anthony McGowan’s Dogs of the Deadlands is a heart-wrenching story set in the wilderness of Ukraine. The Chernobyl Disaster changes the lives of Natasha and her beloved dog, Zoya. McGowan depicts the after-effects of the tragedy and the way animals struggled to survive in the area when all humans evacuated.  Review Dogs are a man’s […]

A Book Review by Fermosalua: “The Wrong Girl” by C.J. Archer

An eerie backdrop, a memorable cast of eccentric characters, a plot full of secrets, and chaste Victorian relationships, make for the perfect period paranormal romance. Review Hannah has spent her whole life in the attic of Windamere Manor as a lady-in-waiting/best friend of an earl’s daughter, Lady Violet. So, when one chilly day she found […]

A Book Review by Kajori: “Healthy Hair, Happy Body” by Simone Thomas

Healthy Hair, Happy Body is penned by Simone Thomas. This amazingly put-together book aims to help us get lustrous hair and glowing skin while enjoying a healthy lifestyle.  Review “Health is wealth.”  We are all familiar with this age-old adage. But did you know that beauty is intrinsically connected to health as well? Did you […]

A Book Review by Kajori: “How to Win the World Cup” by Chris Evans

How to Win the World Cup: Secrets and Insights from International Football’s Top Managers is penned by Chris Evans. With his vivid writing style and direct contributions from world-renowned football stalwarts, Chris Evans brings to us the highs and lows of the ninety-two years of the World Cup.  Review “That’s what it’s all about, wanting […]

Featured Book: “A Very Wide River” by Asa Childress

Children will learn the value of love & wisdom in this inspiring story… with a twist! A little girl is moved by compassion for the hungry children on the other side of A Very Wide River! She tries to help to no avail. Plan B seems to go even worse! Two crocs are called upon […]

Meet our Author: Asa Childress

About the author*** Asa Childress is a young (25-year-old) children’s book author from London, UK who is passionate about anything creative. He has tried music, graphic design, video editing, and animation before finally publishing his first book in March 2022, A Very Wide River. Asa particularly seeks to teach important life lessons through enjoyable storylines. […]


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