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Meet our Author: Susan Frances

About the author*** Susan Frances’ grandfather’s tales of their Devon ancestors have always interested her, even though she was born in Surrey, England. Later, after doing some family research, she was motivated to write No One Must Know. She moved back to Devon, where she has family, and is not far from the Ashetyne village […]

Meet our Author: Stefan Vučak

About the author*** Stefan Vučak leveraged a successful career in the Information Technology industry that spanned project/program management, strategic consulting, and infrastructure management. He spent three years in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar working on the implementation of cellphone systems. After the sudden tragic death of his parents, he returned to Australia. During his […]

A Book Review by Ashiyya: “Conflict on Kangaroo Island” by Stephen Crabbe

Stephen Crabbe’s “Conflict on Kangaroo Island” is an engaging story set on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. With a 1913 setting, this historical fiction wraps up engrossing characters, the island’s natural wealth, avaricious businesspeople, and proponents of preserving natural resources. It’s a compelling read, indeed. Review It is 1913. Several botanical teams and political authorities are […]

A Book Review by Kajori: “Stranger at the Grove” by Mary Kingswood

Mary Kingswood’s ‘Stranger at the Grove’ is a unique Regency Romance where an impoverished gentleman, Malcolm Gage finds love with a mysterious lady’s maid, Marie. In addition to Malcolm and Marie’s romance, the author keeps us hooked with the mystery surrounding Marie. Review Cupid strikes us with his arrow at the most unexpected times. More […]

A Book Review by Kajori: “Dark Heart” by Catherine Lee

“Dark Heart” by Catherine Lee is an intriguing mystery that invites us to join Charlie Cooper and his newest partner, Quinn, on a wild journey to rescue the latest victim of a serial killer after he is found dead. This fast-paced psychological thriller is a must-read for any mystery buff. Review It is said that […]

A Book Review by Fermosalua: “Best Forgotten” by Kathryn White

“Best Forgotten” by Kathryn White is a unique hybrid between chick-lit and thriller with a mind-blowing plot twist. The novel shines for its original plot, outstanding character development, realistic backstories, deep psychological profiling, and the depiction of the intricacies of relationships. Review Kellie-Sue and Cassie are twins. They’re also as different as can be. While […]

A Book Review by Shrabastee: “Noah’s Quest” by Sev Emanuel Pretila

Noah’s Quest is an illustrated children’s book by Sev Emmanuel Pretila that features a magical adventure by Noah, an eleven-year-old village boy. The story highlights various moral lessons for young children. Review There has always been magic galore in the Kingdom of Kastelot, enriching the lives of its denizens. However, everything changes once the Dwarf […]

A Pseudo Book Review: “The Warramunga’s War” by Greg Kater

Jacko instantly landed in Jamie’s good books the moment he saved the latter in war-torn Syria. Since then, the duo had become inseparable as they cleverly thwarted crooks, spies, and foes in and around fabled landmarks and secluded streets of Cairo all the way to the remote bushlands and rugged landscapes of the Northern Territory. […]


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