Bookish Sounds

Audiobooks, bookish Podcast episodes, and a great range of sounds for all book lovers are here!

We hear you.

Thus, we’ve got a line-up that’s raring and roaring to make your heart sing the tunes it loves and should.

For Book Lovers

First in the line-up are the audiobooks, of course.

For multi-taskers who want to get on to their other priorities but are unable to let go of the love for books, for example, audiobooks are great alternatives to eBooks and print versions. “Sound books” are also great for replaying texts or knowing how written words are spoken, too. Their appeal and purpose can be limitless, indeed.

We’re keen about featuring the most well-loved audiobook picks on the planet or perhaps the multiverse!

Meanwhile, sign up for a trial Audible subscription, and get a sampling of your current or future favorite books on audio.

For Creators

We’re mostly for the written word, so far. Yet, we’d love to spread the word about your audiobook, too!

We can promote your masterpieces here on our site, our various social media channels, and on Spotify.

The Chrysalis BREW Project Podcast Episodes

We’ve also gone beyond normal expectations, as we took the time to translate our book news articles and posts into Podcast episodes, too.

Check out our bookish episodes on Spotify to help you explore the tempting book options offered by our crafty content creators while you’re on the go.

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