ByVucak Stefan

Aug 5, 2022

With Shadow and Thunder

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The Orieli are the first aliens to confront the Serrll Combine in two thousand years. But the Orieli are at war with the Celi-Kran and the Serrll now faces invasion by creatures out of nightmare. On the Moon, caught in a web of Serrll power plays, First Scout Terrllss-rr is betrayed by his Wanderer brother Dharaklin. His ship is sabotaged and he crashes to Earth. Escaping, he now has American security forces after him and the secrets his ship holds. Above the Moon, Serrll and Orieli ships face each other for control of the Solar System. Rescued, his soul scarred, Terr returns home only to find his loved one kidnapped – by Dhar. With the god of Death in his hands, revenge is the only thing now left to him.

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