ByRitch Santos

Aug 12, 2022

What is Love

 Poetry Month Entry / by Ritch Santos / 157 views

A playboy fell in love for the first time

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  • Poem: I've tried watching every romantic movie released
    Wondering how you filled up my missing piece
    I believed love could be defined by a simple kiss
    Only films made such love complicated to become hits
    Proving simple love to myself by tasting different lips
    Now, embracing you in my arms, made my mind flip

    I was a puzzle that no one else came close to solving
    Using strangers to cease the feeling of longing
    Uneasy feeling, craving for warmth that I've been neglecting
    The warmth you've been giving but adamant about admitting
    My closest friend who I never thought of holding
    Even I myself didn't know that I was deeply falling
    Falling to the place where you have been suffering
    Suffering from your feelings that I have been abusing

    Now I have awakened loving you and it feels like a rollercoaster
    No movie could explain why I'm willing to ride it forever
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