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Aug 6, 2022


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  • Poem: Life is at times a matter of perspective.

    🌿Some will like it red. Others prefer yellow.

    🌿One would say you're smart. Another might say you're really shallow.

    🌿A manager might find you too shy. A colleague may think you're too bossy.

    🌿Your running buddy may complain you're too slow. A passerby quips you're gone too quickly.

    🌿People will always find something to say about you. It could be favourable, but may also not be so.

    Do and be anyway.

    Strive to outdo or exceed what you've done or what you were but learn from yesterday. Do and be better today. Aim to do and be the best version of "you" for tomorrow.

    Yet, through it all, don't insult yourself by striving to be someone else you're not. You are enough.
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