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Aug 6, 2022


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  • Poem: There are certain times when we need to stop

    going with the crowd, in order to reflect and rediscover ourselves and the way we should go,

    wandering aimlessly, so as to spend more time discovering and going for what's right, true, just, needed, and beneficial,

    thinking of just blending in, so we could positively contribute more in the truest sense,

    being forced to be, when we know what we should be,

    getting coerced to do anything, when there's more reason to believe something else is the better and more righteous option,


    readily accepting what puts us down, especially when we really have to get back up and strive for that much-needed constructive difference for ourselves, our loved ones, and those whose lives are affected by what we are and do.

    We should also consider pausing from just merely living. We also need to thrive.
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By Esperanza Pretila

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