Oct 14, 2022

The Bully

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Never safe for a moment, she learns from too young and tender an age, that she is all alone in a cruel and hostile world, where even those who were meant to be her protectors are her enemies. Sold, beat down, and abandoned, a young girl struggles to survive against all odds, struggles to find balance and peace between anger and indignation.

The reader encounters Carissa Locke near the end point of her eighteen year journey as she lay in a bloody heap recalling the shattered life that led her down a path from which there may not be a way to redemption. The fierce defiance and violent temper that has saved her life again and again, may well prove to be her undoing during a police investigation that will decide whether she is to be charged with the attempted murder of her lifelong friend Danielle.

While Carissa is a hard person, she is not a difficult person for which to find empathy. Many difficult and painful choices brought her to the this moment in her life and it seems to have been the inevitable outcome. But as the story twists through her wiles, manipulations and brutal acts of violence, one comes to understand and embrace the wounded child within who was fighting desperately for the right to live, to be heard, to be loved. She is also a soul who stands up, who fights back for others who are abused like her, but is she helping them, or is she manipulating them to meet her own ends? Is she so different from those she has despised, whose demise she has plotted in one way or another?

Time cut far too short with those who had loved her, helped her, but were always ripped away from her too soon. But did they leave behind enough love, enough lessons to save her from a cruel destiny that seems bent on her death before she even gets a chance to live?

In search of deliverance, for forgiveness, desperate to believe she is a person worth saving, or that there is anything of her at all that is more than a war child. Carissa’s soul searching, her introspection, leading us back to where we found her, self pity seeping away with the realization that the rage and loathing she had visited upon the world, the weapons that had saved her life would be the very ones that led her to this precipice of self-destruction.

As her best friend lay dying, Carissa will do anything to heal the wound of the fight that has ruined their friendship and may ultimately cost Danielle her life and Carissa her freedom. In her grief over what she has done, Carissa implores Danielle’s forgiveness, learning that Danielle perfect veneer has been a lie all these years, she has soul-shattering secrets of her own. Carissa has only just begun the inner battle against the Bully she has become. She has realized the most dangerous enemy any of us will ever face is ourselves.

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  • About the Author: Wiley K. March grew up traveling. Books were her favorite companions in her and she often spent much of her time writing and acting out elaborate stories for her younger siblings. Her first stories for her younger siblings. Her first stories were comical adventures to entertain her younger siblings.

    She won an award for her painted depiction of The Deer Hunter, which had become her favorite due to the number of Vietnam Veterans in her family. Ms. March’s creative writing teacher in school further inspired her to tell more complex and colorful drama, horror and science fiction stories, encouraging her to follow her dream of being a writer. As an adult, Ms. March’s writing style, known as “fraction”, has taken on critical social issues through the lens of drama, horror and science fiction, inspired by the vivid imagery of her contemporary literary heroes like Salman Rushdie, Anne Rice and Stephen King. Ms. March’s characters face moral dilemmas, they have secrets, and they have internal and external struggles. Ms. March lives in NYC, she is the founder of Tiamberus Network and both of which focus on bringing awareness to the reality of the psychological and emotional struggles of survivors and education from a survivor’s perspective as well as empowerment to women and children who have endured trauma. Her debut novel was released August 2nd, 2022 with readers declaring it emotionally heart wrenching, vivid, and un-put-downable. She is currently working on her second novel, The Silence, expected to be released in November 2022 and speaks publicly to raise awareness on the mental health struggles of survivors of abuse and trauma, and will be appearing on the Ukiyoto Publishing panel, "Chasing Your Dreams ” October 16, 2022 and holding upcoming workshops for Westchester Probation Office and The Retreat Domestic Violence Center.
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  • Genre: Coming of Age/Drama/Psychological Horror
  • Titles of All Books: The Bully (August 2022)
    The Silence (coming soon)
  • 1. Did you love reading books when you were little? Why or why not?: I struggled with dyslexia and was a slow reader, until my grandmother sat me down with her book collection, which contained mostly encyclopedias, dictionaries and war histories. She sat with me every day, encouraging me to challenge myself, teaching me tips and tricks to work with my disability. This spawned a profound love of reading that has endured my entire life. By the time I was in college, I had more books than space in my apartment.
  • 2. At what age did you start reading books? What were your best memories of that time?: About 8. My favorite memories were getting lost in the adventure, being carried away by stories and sharing that love with my siblings.
  • 3. What was the first book you loved reading? Why?: The dictionary, I love words. Wuthering Heights, The Deer Hunter. I went from struggling to reading deep and complex stories very quickly.
  • 4. When did you first think about writing your first book? Why?: I've always written stories to share with others. It's just always been a part of me.
  • 5. What was the greatest obstacle you've encountered when you were writing your book? What made you overcome it?: Many of the topics dealt with in The Bully were issues I faced and many, many children today face. Somehow, our society blames the children instead of the incompetence of the adults around them. It's hard emotionally to deal with knowing how many children will never see justice for what happened to them.
  • 6. What pieces of advice can you give aspiring authors? What worked for you?: Don't give up. Never give up. Write from your heart, write from whatever inspires you. If one agent or publishing company or reader doesn't like your work, who cares. If they don't like it, it wasn't meant for them. Keep going.
  • 7. Who are the authors or what are the books that had the greatest influence in your own writing? Why?: Leo Tolstoy, Victor Hugo, Salman Rushdie, Stephen King, Anne Rice, vivid storytellers who frighten, inspire and expand your perception of the world, writers who challenge you to think beyond your own bubble.
  • 8. What are your current or future writing plans? What can readers further expect from you?: I have another novel due out in November, The Silence about a Desert Storm veteran. Then, my daughter and I are working on a novel together that has been a really fun science fiction project and I'm doing A Survivor's Heart Workshops both in person and online.
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