Aug 31, 2023

Sinking Chest

 Poetry Month Entry / by Mvazquez / 81 views

This poem is about all the things that pulls us down and the decisions we have to make. This poem is part of my book Tin heartless girl ( Lebi P. Nieves Morán, my pens name).

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  • Poem: “All women are crazy”,
    Stayed in my heart.
    What they throw
    I managed to catch it.

    But there were a few thoughts.
    That remains broken.
    I saw them swimming one day.
    Without care to be at the open.

    I decided to follow.
    And managed to call them regrets,
    But there it was again,
    my lies that didn’t break.

    Years passed and now they can’t swim.
    I store them in a chest with a lock and key.

    Call me by night and I sleep during my day.
    They know better than to not lead me to the edge.
    They know better than to stay quiet, while I sleep during my day.
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