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Aug 7, 2022

I can't be me

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This poem is about the life of a teen.

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  • Poem: Too fat for a teen
    Too short to fit in
    Too ugly to be seen
    Am I that disgusting?

    I hate the truth,
    Sweat under my foot.
    No one can soothe.
    Cuz everyone's rude.

    I am worthy,
    I should be proud of me,
    But insecurity runs through my body,
    Especially I am fat and ugly.

    I don't wanna tell a lie
    I don't wanna have to hide
    I see it all in their eyes
    That I am not their type.

    They all let me down,
    Should I step back?
    Seeing all of their frown,
    Because I am around.

    Now tell me,
    Is beauty is based on our body?
    Is respect is based on our beauty?
    What a destructive society.

    Less Confidence,
    Creating a fence,
    I am not that dense
    To not hear their judgements.

    I am me,
    Different from what the others see,
    Insulting me is their hobby.
    Now I realize, living isn't easy, where I can't be me.
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