Holland, My Heart

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“A wonderful mix of heartbreak and budding new love, humor, and the painful truth. This novel tackles the hard realities of life and love, along with the most supportive and genuine ‘found family’ it will leave you with hope in your heart.” –S.F. Henne, author of “Rune-forged: Spellbound”

Holland is a 27-year-old widow who has taken a year off from her skyrocketing career in business administration and finance to grieve the sudden loss of her husband and brother-in-law. (Her sister-in-law Ximena only took a few weeks off her work in the family office. Holland is still marveling at how much of a badass her sister proves to be at every turn.)

Her mother-in-law Naomi introduces Holland to Kai, the Black-slash-Samoan billionaire CEO of a corporate consulting firm (think a started-in-his-dorm-room PwC or Ernst & Young with an eye to making corporations better citizens of the world). Both Holland and Kai are smitten at first sight; however, their age difference (she’s half his age plus seven years, an absolutely reasonable gap, or so the internet assures him) and her waves of grief stand in their way.
Not to be deterred in her search for a new true love for her cherished daughter-in-law, Naomi gives the pair another little push when she asks Kai to hire Holland. Holland brings the heat to Kai’s company and his heart until he proposes (a first date!) on stage at a charity gala in Mexico City. So, of course, they fly off to Palermo, Sicily the next day.
Loosely based on the Bible book of Ruth (but with f-bombs, drunken confessions of adoration, and one spicy sex scene), “Holland, My Heart” is the first in a collection of biblical women’s stories retold as contemporary romance. Read this sexy, witty dual POV, love-after-loss, age gap standalone romance.

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