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Jan 11, 2023


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Bible says you didn’t choose God, he chose you from your mother’s womb. He has called you to come to him. God is the breath within you and you can do nothing without him.

Those who call on the Lord, they shall be delivered just at the right and perfect time. God will never let them down or put them to shame.

If you are in darkness and want to come out of it, then you must call on God. Only he can bring you into his light and give you victory. No human will help you if God has intentionally put you in an impossible situation. You must know that he is testing your faith.

Nothing is too hard with God. His arms are not too short. He controls the entire universe. His will is over everything. Commit your plans in God’s hands and he will establish you. God will fulfill your heart’s greatest desires if you do things according to his will.

Faint not in your faith, keep declaring victory and pray every day. God is coming very quickly with answers and solution.

This book is written from my own experience and relationship with Christ Jesus. I hope this will help you to walk along with God during the journey to live the life till eternity.

Thank you. God bless!

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