Apr 9, 2023

Fiction: Saving Christ - Starway Seven

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Saving Christ is a tragic love story. A modern day woman goes back in time and falls in love with Jesus. She is determined that he should not die. As with all time travel, there is the ever-present risk of changing history. In this case that risk is even more palpable.

Author Francis T. Perry Williams explains his motivation:

“I wanted a new version of the greatest story ever told to inform a new audience – an audience from the present day. I wanted to make a two-thousand-year-old story fresh. I wanted a story that people from today could more relate too. I wanted to show that Jesus could love one just as he loved the many.”

Saving Christ was a #1 best seller on Amazon in the “New Releases in Religious Science fiction and Fantasy” category.

You might recognize the author’s name from TV shows of days gone by. He acted in Laverne and Shirley, Happy Days and Valerie. It was in an episode of Laverne and Shirley that his writing career began. He is also author of Pollen and the Ring of Harmony, which is a more traditional science fiction work.

Of course, we know how this story ends – how it has to end. And that’s what makes this a tragic love story.

This is the energy released when crossing science fiction with religion, romance and history.

By Amabaie

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