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Aug 7, 2022

Falling in Love With a K-pop Stan

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Hello, everyone! This is my personal experience and not fiction. Thus, enjoy my poem! (“,)

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  • Poem: One day,
    I met him at church.
    At first
    I didn't pay attention to him
    because I wasn't interested in him yet.

    I was about to go home and say goodbye,
    I immediately noticed
    that there was a fake photocard of Jihyo
    on the back of his phone.
    And it surprised me
    because he's a K-pop Stan.

    When I got home
    I immediately bought a photocard of Jihyo
    on Twitter BNS
    and a Chaeyoung's photocard.

    A few days later
    we met again at church.
    And I immediately gave him Jihyo's photocard.
    I laughed because he blushed
    while I gave him the keepsake.

    I found out that I'm in love with him
    because he's cheerful
    and a K-pop Stan.
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