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Aug 6, 2022


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  • Poem: There are points in time when we really need to choose something else.

    🌿When the great lengths to be trekked are more obvious,
    look back if the urge is there
    but also find motivation
    from the distance already travelled,
    and perhaps in knowing
    that the desired destination may already be closer.
    🌿When it's more human to feel the stress, pain, or heaviness
    from the hardships and trials,
    rest if need be
    but choose to heal and recharge
    to get back up and move on.
    🌿When the words and tones of fault-finding
    are more pronounced and louder,
    listen and respond if you can't avoid the sounds or conversations
    but choose not to believe what can put the spirit down for good.
    🌿When it's convenient to give up
    and give in to overwhelming odds ahead,
    rethink and review steps as necessary
    but also choose to let such be
    for a better path towards the goal.
    🌿 When it's easier to mourn the past,
    do so as humans need to
    but choose to learn from the experience.

    It's fine to reflect on what had been
    and accept such to be
    if it will help in doing what's needed
    for the present
    towards a better future.
    There's always something positive to find
    but, even if everything seemed to be bleak,
    always choose to believe there's hope.
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