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Aug 6, 2022


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  • Poem: They say that communication is key to a better relationship.
    I've got more than a couple of reasons to believe that such is true,
    some I even had to learn the hardest way.
    I think each of us already knows
    what the consequences of a communication breakdown could be,
    so I need not specify any.

    It would indeed be great to have mind-reading or similar powers
    to know what another is thinking.
    However, a perfect specimen with such a superhuman ability
    still doesn't normally exist in our real world yet, as far as I know.
    Although a "woman's intuition" is such a buzz
    and an "educated guess" is a very popular concept,
    I'm still far from acceptable levels of achieving
    what I think are the desirable outcomes along those lines.
    Thus, our usual means of sending and receiving messages
    are still useful at this point, I should admit.

    The following are some of what would matter more:

    🌿If we want to know something, ask. If we are asked a question, answer.

    🌿If we're not so sure about anything, clarify. If we're not fully understood, explain.

    🌿We don't have to have exactly the same beliefs to live in peace and harmony. We can even agree to disagree.

    It's also good to take the time
    to have a chat somehow,
    one way or another.


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