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Aug 7, 2022

A Stone That Can See But Cannot Speak

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This poem is about a rock – from a great reader yet the worst storyteller.

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  • Poem: In the beginning, there is a beginning.
    After a beginning, there is an end.
    For we know, things eventually will have to come to an end.

    Except to one thing, I believe.
    That thing is “a rock”, I perceive.
    A rock is something unmovable,
    For a rock, ‘staying still’ is possible.

    Time that is ticking,
    Stars that are tinkling;
    A life force appearing,
    then suddenly disappearing.

    A country being made,
    A country that has fade.
    One became flourished,
    The other was demolished.

    A rock has seen it all.
    The ‘history’, that we call.
    One can call it as a great reader,
    But it sure is the worst storyteller.

    What can it do? As it can only be a bystander,
    “seeing” is the only thing it can muster.
    It cannot tell it’s stories,
    to the one’s that has it’s worries.

    That is the only thing it can do,
    And it will continue to be that way, what can you do?
    This is the “life” of a rock,
    It can ‘see’ but it cannot ‘speak’; unmoving.
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