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Oct 22, 2022

A Femich Christmas

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Christmas has arrived in the enchanted land of Femich. But the problems this season underscore the division between the two villages caused by rumors and distrust.
Young Sheribelle is chosen from among the others by a fairy Queen for a special journey to restore the Spirit of Christmas between the villages. On her quest, she meets a small boy named Sammy, who is from the village on the other side of the mountains. Together, they become friends and attempt to restore the Heart of Christmas.

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  • Genre: fiction
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    It’s Christmas time in the land of Femich and R.J. Amezcua introduces us to unique characters in A Femich Christmas. Unfortunately, before everyone can celebrate and enjoy Christmas Day, something goes missing. The Hopy and the Kiko people have each lost an important key to the success of Christmas, and sadly are blaming each other. Sheribelle, a brave little girl, embarks on an adventure to restore the Heart of Christmas. With the help of the Queen of the Dalimixies and her faithful helpers, she sets out on a journey to save Christmas. Along the way, she saves and befriends a helpless boy in the forest. Through her generosity and selflessness, they bridge the divide between their two people and save Christmas together.

    R.J. Amezcua builds an unusual and inspiring world in: A Femich Christmas. Amezcua stays true to the spirit of Christmas and shows us that we all have something in common and should love one another. Rabindra Nath Barman provides us with arresting, fully detailed characters and backgrounds akin to the details in a movie. Children will love the different and colorful characters as well as the message of love and friendship, especially around Christmas time. There is even a special song at the end of the book provided by Brody Worrell, with sheet music included for the musically inclined. This is a wonderful story about overcoming prejudice, helping people, and sharing love during one of the most wonderful holidays in the world. It's a delightful book; a beautiful story that I thoroughly enjoyed.
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