Wanda the Wanderer is a sexual adventurer who works as a repair and installer technician for a major telephone company. She is a practitioner of the movable feast, barroom pick-up artist, skilled technician at electronics, and seduction.

Wanda dedicates herself to the art of seduction and the quick, trouble-free escape as the second phase of her life begins. She doesn’t want to date or get married, and neither does she intend to. However, things become more challenging when she meets Clark. Wanda breaks her rule not to engage in sexual activity with a man more than once. Wanda is causing Chuck to fall in love. Will she abandon her hedonistic lifestyle to spend her life with Chuck? Will Wanda experience true, deeper love, and will she and Chuck end up being together for the rest of their lives, or will Wanda’s love of the open road triumph over love and lead her away from true love, leaving her on the road for all eternity travelling towards a horizon that keeps getting farther away from her?

Book Details

  • Title: Wanda’s Tower
  • Author: Robert Beatty
  • Genre: Romance
  • Publication Date: June 15, 2021
  • ISBN or ASIN: 1665529024
  • Number of Pages: 566

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