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Today’s Bookish Feature

Here are the bookish pieces we found for you lately.


What You May Have Missed

New Book : The Promise by Four Burn Pit Veteran Families who fought to help pass the Pact Act
Two sick veterans from toxic exposure & two widows tell their story of hope, persistence & finding family in each other in their efforts to force the government to do the right thing.
New Book From Brazil Shows How To Overcome Financial, Social And Economic Challenges
Brazilian Author J. Edson Lira Pens Remarkable Book to Improve Accuracy of Elections
Poet Susan A. Katz Releases Her Fifth Book, "Dreaming Missouri"
"Dreaming Missouri" is the fifth book of breathtakingly tender poems by prolific author Susan A.
Book Launch: Shawn Nowotnik's Habits of Successful People Motivates You to Redefine Your Narrative
A Collection of Celebrity and Influential Leaders' Insights on How Changes in Simple Habits Can Transform Your Life
"Torah Tutor" Arrives in Time for Passover and Spring Bible Studies
Torah Tutor explores the Bible's early books highlighting themes for moral, spiritual and intellectual growth. This contemporary self-guided study is ideal for individual seekers and group discussions.

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As a caterpillar goes out of its dark cocoon, grows its wings, and flies high up in the sky, I acknowledge my role in the entire process of the written word's metamorphosis through The Chrysalis BREW Project. I believe that beauty and goodness exist in everything and everyone - may we let that emerge and shine in each word we read, concoct, write, or share.