What happens when a caterpillar becomes its true self? It soars!

Award-winning Priscilla B Shuler has done it again! Following the success of her 2 other books – Kuimba and Favored – Priscilla’s book, Rat also soars in the charts barely 2 days after it broke loose from its cocoon.

From a virtually-unknown piece, Rat, comes out of slumber and spreads its wings for a momentous journey. It has now reached the shelves of readers who have come to love its orphan’s story.

The historical fiction has made quantum leaps on the Bestseller charts. Here are the data:

  • On Amazon US, it started from #3,082,168 and rose to #10,898 among  Free in Kindle Store books. Its best genre ranking was 57,484 which got elevated to #422 in Kindle eBooks.
  • Meanwhile, on Amazon AU, it began with #1,357,621 then soared high to 257 in Kindle Books. Its best genre ranking was 503,269 which leapt to 261 in Historical Romance (Kindle Store).

Will Rat continue its flight to reach the topmost spot? Only time will tell. Yet it’s not how high that solely matters, finally going out of the dark and into the light after a long while also does.

Meanwhile, as Amazon updates its Bestseller rankings hourly, we captured the proof for us to remember the laurels by.

Earlier, Kuimba ranked #1 in international Bestseller listings and even got the BREW Readers’ Choice Award.

Favored also reached #2 in Bestseller ranks also last month.

Know more about Priscilla and her books via the links below.

Don’t forget to get your copy of Rat also on the links below, too!

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