Updated as of 10:33 AM of 23 November 2021

We really can’t contain our excitement now because of this new development. Kuimba by Priscilla B Shuler tops not only the Bestseller charts in the US but also those in Australia!

It has climbed the top of the Australian leaderboards! It is now #3 in Religious Historical Fiction, #3 in Christian Historical Fiction, and #2 in Literary Fiction.

On our other post, we have also shared how it rose to #1 in the US’ Black & African American Literary Fiction, #1 in Historical Literary Fiction, and #9 in Religious Historical Fiction (Kindle Store).

It’s an awesome series of accomplishments, indeed!

And, yes, Once again, we have anticipated hourly updates to the lists. Thus, we took and kept the screenshots of everything that matters for our author and all of us to remember.

Dearest Priscilla, congratulations again! Let us continue to work together in bringing “Kuimba” and your other books closer to those who would gain from, value, and hold them close to their hearts now and beyond.

To all of us in our reading community: check out the links below for more information about our incredible and almost-unbelievable author and her books (and perhaps buy them if you haven’t done so yet).

By The BREWer

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